Grippi toothbrushes have soft bristles
Easy-to-grab handle
Find the right angle to fight gum disease with the Smart Mark Indicator
Patented W-Cut bristles remove bacteria below the gum line where it matters most.
Ergonomic smart grip is designed to ensure contact at the ADA-recommended 45° angle.
Smart Mark Indicator displays a (+) in the mirror to let you know when you're brushing at the correct angle.

Better Health

Use Grippi for 3 weeks and Discover what truly effective brushing FEELS like. Technique matters – get below the gum line, get healthy and GET GRIPPI!

It's Not Just About Whiter Teeth, Although We Do That Too

75% of Americans have gum disease, bad breath and bleeding gums because they’re not brushing the areas below the gum-line. Where do you stand? 

Brushing below the gum-line FEELS a certain way and once you master this feeling, it won’t matter what toothbrush you use. You don’t need expensive sonic powered quad timers with a cool LED screen, you just need good technique. Hint: It doesn’t involve Circles or Up/Down strokes.

45 degree angle brushing helps to remove plaque

Ergonomic Smart Grip

grippi toothbrush angle marker

Smart Mark Indicator

45 degree angle demonstration

Patented Bristles Design

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Designed By Award Winning Dental Professionals.

Mike Davidson and Mike Smith - Inventors of Grippi

Grïppi was designed to improve the mechanics of brushing by guiding you to the ADA recommended 45° angle, and TEACH you what effective brushing FEELS like. Research proves this can be more effective than using power brushes. The mouth really is the gateway to the body. Cleaning below the gum-line is not only critical to your oral health, but also your systemic health.

Considering Grippi cost less than a Grande Mocha Latte, what have you and your family to loose?

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Woman wearing yoga clothes and holding a Grippi toothbrush

Take the Grïppi Challenge

Order Grïppi and try it for 3 weeks. Once you learn proper technique, it won’t matter what brush you use.

Get Grïppi and experience the brush of your life.